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If a nagging toothache or broken tooth is affecting your quality of life, you may say to yourself, “I need to find an emergency dentist near me.” Receiving fast, quality urgent dental care can help you preserve your teeth and gums.

Where Can I Find an Emergency Dentist?

When a dental emergency strikes, there’s no need to delay care – doing so may cause your symptoms to worsen. Instead, contact our emergency dental clinic for compassionate, comprehensive care. We’ll work to see you as quickly as possible, offering same-day visits when available. If you’re experiencing a toothache or other symptoms, don’t remain in pain. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment.

How Much Does Emergency Dental Care Cost?

You may have questions about cost when seeing an emergency dentist. The cost of an emergency dental clinic visit usually depends on the severity of your symptoms and the procedures needed to restore your dental health. When you visit our office, we’ll outline your treatment plan and answer your questions about insurance or payment.

Emergency Dental Services

What Dental Services Do Emergency Dentists Provide?

When you’re experiencing signs of a dental emergency, know that we can help. The following are some of the urgent dental services provided by our practice:

Emergency Extractions: Sometimes, a tooth becomes so damaged or decayed that it cannot be saved through a root canal or filling. When this happens, our dentist will perform an emergency extraction. Anesthesia will be used throughout the procedure to ensure your comfort.

Wisdom Teeth Removal: The wisdom teeth typically are the last set of teeth to emerge, and they can sometimes cause pain or infection. If your wisdom teeth have erupted and are causing symptoms, you may need to see a dentist for an extraction.

Root Canal: Inflammation or infection of a tooth’s pulp is treated with root canal therapy. This painless procedure can often save a severely damaged tooth.

Root Canals for Children: In addition to our root canal therapy for adults, our gentle dentists perform root canals on children. This procedure can help your child restore his or her dental health.

General Tooth Extractions: Our dentists provide routine tooth extractions, which are sometimes necessary when a tooth is severely damaged. Anesthetic is used to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

Should I Go to an Emergency Dental Clinic?

Are you experiencing uncomfortable dental symptoms, but aren’t sure if they warrant emergency care? The following signs indicate that you may need to visit an urgent dental clinic:

Abscessed Tooth: When advanced periodontal disease or tooth decay is left untreated, it can lead to an abscessed tooth. Symptoms of an abscess include facial swelling, oozing gums, fever, and intense pain. Contact our office if you suspect this condition.

Broken or Cracked Teeth: If you’ve broken, fractured, or cracked a tooth, contact a dentist right away. A damaged tooth can become infected if not addressed quickly.

Fractured or Broken Jaw: Breaking or fracturing a jaw is considered a dental emergency. If you’ve sustained an injury to the jaw or feel that your bite is “off,” contact our emergency dentists right away.

Broken, Loose, or Lost Crowns: A missing or damaged tooth crown leaves the area vulnerable to decay or injury. Our dentist can provide you with a replacement appliance that restores your tooth.

Dental Infections: Without proper oral hygiene and regular cleanings, dental infections can develop. Our dentist will pinpoint the source of the infection and treat your symptoms.

Avulsed Tooth: An avulsed tooth simply means a tooth that has been knocked out. If your tooth has been knocked out, it’s important not to panic. Instead, try to insert the tooth back into its socket. You can also place the tooth inside a glass of cold milk until an emergency dental appointment is available.

Lost or Loose Tooth Fillings: If your tooth filling has fallen out or become loose, the affected tooth is susceptible to damage. Contact our practice for a replacement filling if yours has become lost or dislodged.

Intense Face or Gum Swelling: Persistent swelling along the gum line or around the face should be evaluated by a dentist. Give us a call if you experience swelling, especially if it is accompanied by pain.

Toothaches: A painful toothache should be addressed by a dentist to rule out serious oral health problems. Call us to book an appointment if you’re suffering from oral discomfort.

What Does it Cost to Visit an Emergency Dental Clinic?

Our dentists and team members understand that you may have questions about cost when receiving an emergency dental procedure. We’re committed to helping our patients find affordable solutions, whether it’s through flexible financing or helping them maximize insurance coverage. Our office also offers MetroCare, a cost-effective plan that can reduce your out-of-pocket dental costs. With MetroCare, you can save between 20-80 percent on many common dental procedures. The plan can be used alongside insurance, but it’s also an excellent option for those without an insurance plan. Give us a call for more details.

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