Fillings, Crowns, Bridges & Dentures in DFW

Dental Crowns

Fillings, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures and Inlay or Onlay Restorations in [GEOID]

What Types of Dental Crowns Are Offered in DFW?

Our office in DFW offers a variety of dental crowns, including ceramic, porcelain, and gold. If you need dental crowns, call us today to schedule a consultation.

Are Dental Crowns Very Expensive in DFW?

We make every effort to provide affordable dental crowns to our patients. We know that cost is a factor for most people and we want to help you keep your smile at its best.

Dental Bridges

What Type of Dental Bridge Will I Need?

The type of dental bridge you need will be determined by the number of teeth involved, the materials you select, and your dental insurance coverage. You’ll be provided with an estimate during your appointment in our office in DFW.

What Will a Dental Bridge Cost Me in DFW?

Your cost for a dental bridge will depend on the extent of the bridgework, the type of material used, and the complexity of the installation.


How Can I Get Dentures in DFW?

If you need dentures, call our office in DFW. We do our utmost to provide quality dentures at an affordable price to our patients and we have several affordable payment options.

What Will New Dentures in DFW Cost Me?

The cost of your new dentures will be determined by the type of dentures you select and the materials used. Call us today in DFW to learn more about our great financing options and to schedule an appointment.

Do Full Dentures Work Well?

Full dentures that are properly fitted should work as well as your own teeth. Remember that dentures need proper care and maintenance just like your natural teeth. Call our office in DFW to learn more about getting dentures.

Do Partial Dentures Work Well?

Partial dentures can be an excellent solution for those who have several missing teeth but don’t need a full set of dentures. Partial dentures need to be removed and cleaned, so good oral hygiene practices are a necessity.

Are Flipper Teeth an Option for Me?

If you’re missing one or more teeth, flipper teeth can help you through the transition to your permanent replacements.

What Dentist Provides Immediate Dentures in DFW?

If you’re interested in immediate dentures, call our office in DFW to schedule an appointment. During your first appointment, you’ll be measured for dentures and your permanent dentures will be ordered. During your second appointment, your natural teeth will be removed and your permanent dentures will be installed and fitted. Although additional appointments are sometimes necessary, many of our patients have success with just two visits.

Dental Fillings

Does It Hurt to Get a Dental Filling?

When you get a filling at our office in DFW, your dentist will use a local anesthetic and a topical anesthetic in order to ensure your comfort.

Are Dental Fillings Expensive?

The cost of your dental filling will be determined by the size and location of the filling, and the materials used. Call our office in DFW for an appointment if you need one or more fillings.

What’s a Composite Filling?

A composite filling is a durable substance that looks like your natural teeth and is used for medium-sized and smaller fillings. Installation of a composite filling will usually take longer than installation of a metal filling.


Are Teeth Onlays an Option for Me?

If you have an old filling that needs to be replaced or removed, a dental onlay might be an option for you. An onlay extends over the cusp of the tooth, so it’s ideal for larger cavities.

Are Dental Onlays Expensive?

The cost of your dental onlay will depend on the extent of coverage needed and the material used. Your dentist will provide you with a cost estimate during your office visit in DFW.

What Problem Does a Dental Overlay Fix?

A dental overlay is used for more extensive coverage and sometimes, it’s called a partial crown. Dental overlays are very durable and can restore a significant area of your tooth. If you need a dental overlay, call our office in DFW to schedule a consultation.

How Much Does a Dental Overlay Cost?

The cost of your dental overlay will depend on the size and complexity of the installation, the materials used, and the provisions of your insurance plan. Call us in DFW for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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